Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fair weather booter...

So the weather has been so very pants for the last few weeks, that decent car-booting has been difficult. I've stuck to charity shop crawling and I've been on a couple of serious Ebay benders.

My latest addiction is vintage kids books. I loved books when I was young, particularly ones with bright colourful illustrations. I've started to collect the Garden Gang books by Jayne Fisher. Jayne Fisher was only 9 when she wrote the books. They are cute stories but the illustrations make you squeal with pleasure. I have 8 books so far. They are available on Ebay but I am quite a strict collector, I have set myself constraints. The books can only come from a charity shop or car boot and I must not pay more than a £1 a book. I love the challenge and the moment when you find one you haven't got is like a drug!! highly addictive. 

I only cheated once and that was because the incredibly rare annual to the series Meet the Garden Gang was on Ebay and it was in mint condition. This book is one of my most prized possessions. Just look at the amazing comic style illustrations...


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