Friday, 15 June 2012

Honeymoon Part 1..

In keeping with our theme, we felt it only right to have a honeymoon in old Blighty. I had been wanting to try out the Featherdown Farm holidays for ages so decided the honeymoon was the opportunity. Because it was in September we missed the summer holiday so we had the farm practically to ourselves - I didn't have to elbow any children out of the way when it was petting the animals time.

We went to Billingsmoor Farm in Devon. Billingsmoor offered the 'with frills' option which is what we wanted. The frills were as well as your wood stove heated yurt like camp, you got a hot tub outside and your very own chicken coop with a couple of hens for your stay. This place is amazing and a year on I still think of it and smile. Even the most stressed of stressed people would find it hard not to relax here. 
We knew we would arrive after dark so we opted to have our stove lit for us, our hot tub fire started and for two jacket potatoes to be waiting in our tent for us. 

We arrived exhausted after a long drive and packing up the wedding stuff the day before and the emotional high we were on. It was dusk when we arrived, we were met by the lovely owners who put our suitcases in a wheel barrow and helped us push them across the farm to the most isolated and beautiful part of the farm. We could just make out our huge tent, and the candles flickering within. To call it a tent is a ridiculous unless you refer to it as the palace of all tents. Our little fire was roaring in the stove, the candelabras on the table lit, the hot tub outside steaming. It was amazing. 

We dropped our cases, sat at the table by the fire and by candlelight had our steaming hot potatoes covered in butter and cheese and then got into the hot tub with a glass of champagne. That nights sleep was one of the best I'd ever had, certainly on the lead up the wedding, I was massively sleep deprived.

The best thing about Billingsmoor is that you have a cold store in your 'tent palace', a real toilet, two bedrooms including a 'cubbie bed' and a fully equipped kitchen. There is a little farm shop on site where you can get local meat, veg, bread, wine and cheese. We pre-ordered a lot of food that we didn't really need to do as the shop was always stocked. The second night we had an amazing selection of local cheeses with a bottle of red which we enjoyed by candlelight.

Every morning we would have fresh eggs and bacon and a glass of the unpasteurised full fat milk straight from the cows that morning - delicious!

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  1. Oh wow it looks amazing. I love camping anyway but this looks so cute.




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