Monday, 7 January 2013

Absent without leave

So anybody that actually bothers to check in here, will have seen how tardy I have been. The funny thing is, whenever a client says ‘I want one of those blogs’, I always say that it’s better to not have a blog then to have one that is not regularly updated with interesting, helpful and/or inspiring stuff.  Hmmmmmm, bloody good advice. 

However, I am here and guess what my New Years resolution is???? 

So where have I been and what has been going on...

Well, I left off having not long moved to Kent coast and getting married (within 3 months of each other, still makes me perspire slightly). We decided in July 2012 that we would do some home improvements, what started as simply replacing doors and new carpets upstairs turned into the entire upstairs being renovated. Which meant that everything that was upstairs had to come downstairs and we had to live amongst it. The bedroom was in the office, the wardrobe was in the conservatory, the living room was storage so basically we had the kitchen to live in. The control and clean freak that I am meant that this living arrangement caused a liiiiitle bit of stress to me - eventually even the dog was afraid to put a paw wrong. At any one point there was at least 4 tradesmen in the house, each creating an unbelievable amount of noise dust, dirt and other debris/pollution. 

While all this chaos was happening I was still trying to maintain my freelance work, which was nicely ticking over. Then came a great opportunity, a marketing agency in London asked if I would work for them and head up their digital media arm. Of course I said ‘YES’ and then the reality hit me, that I was working on a laptop, that just fitted onto the tiny bit of clear workspace next to the sink in the kitchen, with a house project going on. Ever the optimist, I decided to stick with it and managed to get things going. 

The house work started in July and in my naivety I thought it would be finished in September, it went on until JUST before Christmas. The work has now finished and miraculously I have forgotten how truly stressful it was. But, in amongst the stress of it all, we did have a lot of fun, when things veered from the near-disastrous to the ridiculous, we did do a lot of laughing (sometimes because we were on the verge of insanity - and it was all we could do, think Beavis and Butthead).

In amongst the craziness we got some other amazing news......that we are expecting. We are so thrilled, so grateful and just so very excited! 

So there has been a lot going on here, I have also still been vintiquing and crafting so there is a lot to blog about. I have lots of before pictures of the house and I am working on the final touches now, so will be able to get the after pictures soon.  Here is a little taster of the bathroom and bedroom...  

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  1. We are half way through a renovation project ourselves, I had no idea how much work would be involved in dowing up a house. but we are slowly getting there now. I would love to see some before and after pictures

    Laura x



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