Monday, 4 February 2013

Treasure hunting - latest finds...

A selection of my latest treasure...

I was so thrilled to score the 1950s plastic beach bag, it will now be repurposed and used in the office as a small magazine rack. Yellow is my favourite colour so these beads will get a lot of use come summer. Found the bag from a guy who does house-clearances and the beads came from a charity shop. 

I have been on the lookout for a tin with handles for a while, a rare sight in my experience. I picked this up from one of the stalls in the market square off Columbia road. This will be my new seed tin. From the same stall I picked up the little cardigan, I love the colour combo. The little tin has the cutest illustrations of woodland animal friends so will make a great addition to my little man's room. 

Technically I did not find this delightful recipe tin, it would be so hard to come by in the UK. This was another item I have been searching for. Recipe tins seem to be much more popular in the USA, and with the shipping costs I have been reluctant to have one shipped from Etsy. I have come across a few in the UK but they lack the 'kitschness' and colours. I love the colours on this one and the smaller size. I will repurpose this as my new business card holder for the office. My dear friend Amy brought this back from a trip to the US for me - I just love it.

The Sanderson curtains was a stomach-butterflies find, they were hidden on a rail in a charity shop, all 8ft x 8ft of them! Mint condition. I love the warming colours. They will be made into new cushions for the sofa. 

Pretty Plates! I need these, like a hole-in-the-head but you know, I just can not resist a pretty plate. I got 6 of these beauties to add to my burgeoning crockery cupboard. 

So that's a selection of the loot from the last couple of months - roll on car boot season. I have not forgotten my treasure-hunting blog post for Kent, the weather has just made it near impossible to get any decent photos. I will be posting though very soon and I will do a separate post for each town I like to visit since, if I covered all in one go, it would be a mammoth post. 


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