Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Treats to look forward to...

I have loved being pregnant. People told me I would but I didn't believe them. I was the person that squirmed when listening to someone talk about their baby move within their tummy. It all seemed a bit too Sigourney Weaver and Alien to me. But here I am, loving and cherishing every movement. I love slipping into bed for an afternoon nap when I can, and I just lie there and feel baby move. He has started to stick his little bum out now and I stroke it, as I stroke, his bum goes back in but as soon as I stop he sticks it out again. It's our little game and already I know I will miss that. 

So as much as I am loving it, there are some things that I miss and looking forward to having back in my life...

1. Hot bubbly bath and G&T - this was my little Friday night treat. Hot bath with insane amounts of bubbles, Ray Lamontagne playing and a G&T with excessive amounts of fresh lime squeezed in and ice. 

2. Lying on my tummy and back - in pregnancy you are advised to lie on your side. I can't wait to sleep on my tummy again and get back to normal yoga and stretching back on a hard floor.

3. Pate on toast, charcuterie board, Brie, Chardonnay..... food - the thought of a perfectly chilled glass of buttery Chardonnay, sat in a beautiful long stemmed glass, with condensation forming on the outside honestly makes me dribble a little. The thought of it next to a charcuterie board is enough to make me swoon. I took these things for granted when unpregnant, but now I am without and have been for 8 months, I just can't wait to be reunited. I have had the odd sip of Dan's wine and enjoyed some bubbles at Christmas and it's been nice but it's not the same as it's laced with that little bit of guilt. I want that guilt-free beautiful glass of wine just for me with a massive hunk of oozy Brie and bread on the side.

4. Star jumps and shimmies - ok, I don't really miss these things but I do miss the ability to do them should the mood strike. Now heavily pregnant I really am limited to move freely. The other day I so had the urge to run, just run and run. I have never in my life been a runner, I hate it. But at that moment I just wanted to run, jump and tumble. I am sure there will be lots of running and tumbling when my boy is here.

Not long to go now at 36 weeks and I am incredibly excited, more to meet our baby then anything else but the things above are added bonuses which I can't wait to enjoy again. 


  1. Oh my goodness! I know what you mean about lying on your tummy. I never thought about it before I was pregnant but missed it so much when the bump arrived. I even tried it once, for a split second, just to see if I could. I was so desperate to let my back relax properly. Needless to say it didn't work. It was all definitely worth it now that we have our little monkey!

    1. Good to hear all good Alexa! Looking forward to being back on my tummy sleeping :-)



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