Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Pregnancy Essentials...

1. Burt's Bees Mama Bee oil - I tried a few oils and creams, but this one felt the nicest and smelt the nicest. It smells of spring, it's so good. Although I have heard that no cream/oil can stop stretch marks, I only got a couple of small ones at 38 weeks so perhaps it helped a little. Not that I mind earning my 'mummy's tiger stripes'. It is just a nice little routine at the beginning and end of each day, to bond and massage the baby.

2. Burt's Bees leg and foot cream has been a life-saver for me. If you suffer with swollen feet and legs, you need this. It has peppermint extract so it has a lovely cooling effect. It also smells lovely like the other Burt's Bee's products. 

3. Neal's Yard English Lavender Bubble Bath - I have used a lot of lavender oil throughout my pregnancy, when I am reading or relaxing I burn the oil and it has a lovely calming effect, I also burn it now when I put the baby to sleep. The bubble bath smells lovely and has same effect, it also feels lovely on the skin. I particularly like the Neal's Yard products as they contain no parabens or harsh chemicals, which has been important in my pregnancy. They use organic plant-derived ingredients and made in England. Their selection of products are truly beautiful. I have also been using the nurturing rose shampoo which I also adore.

4. As a tea drinker, I really didn't fancy giving up my morning cuppa, I have tried every decaff tea on the market and Yorkshire tea is the best. I have barely noticed the difference. I am still drinking cups and cups of the stuff now while breastfeeding.

5. Another lovely selection of skin care, Liz Earle. This stuff has been essential for my face. Again, free of parabens and harsh chemicals, filled with plant-derived goodness, this stuff has felt beautiful on my face. My face has suffered slightly in pregnancy, from dry patches, to oily days and almost acne for some periods. My Liz Earle cleansing regime has helped managed this a lot. The clean and polish is amazing, which comes with muslin to help exfoliate, it is so kind to your skin yet really does polish it. The moisturising creams soak in beautifully and leave your skin so lovely and soft.

6. I am a bit gutted I found these so late in my pregnancy but have no doubt that they have been an essential item with a newborn. I hate face wipes in general as they just do not clean and are full of awful chemicals. These Heaven wipes are different, they contain apple pectin, honey and peppermint extract and are made of organic cotton, they are also a nice large size. The apple pectin helps dissolve dirt and exfoliate, the honey heals and the peppermint helps balance oily areas. Perfect for those nights where you just have to get straight to bed.

7. Trail Mix. The perfect snack, full of nuts, dried food and a cheeky bit of raw chocolate. Nuts and dried fruits are great for you full stop, but particularly during pregnancy. I packed a huge pack in my hospital bag and it has also been serving me well when breastfeeding, I have a huge jar in the kitchen so I can grab a handful when needed. Packed full of essential fatty acids, minerals and energy. The raw chocolate is bursting full of antioxidants and also provides you with that treat feeling. Make your own to avoid added sugars and salts. 

8. Yoga has been a lifesaver for me. I have so enjoyed it and found it to be hugely relaxing and comforting. The active birth yoga that I did while pregnant, really prepared me for labour, the breathing, stretching and positions of labour. I felt much more prepared and found a confidence in my body that I didn't have before. Whenever I feel anxious or nervous, I do some yoga breathing and stretching and I calm right down. 

It's weird, although my beautiful baby boy is here, I still miss my bump. Being pregnant was such a lovely time. All those of you with bumps - enjoy every second! 

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  1. Thank you so much for these as I am on the start of my pregnancy journey 15 weeks I needed this. I have already being using Burt's Bee which is great x



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