Monday, 23 January 2012

The Easy Quick Change Kaftan...

It's a particularly cold and miserable day and to cheer myself I decided to have a read of my Easy magazines I found at the car boot. What better way to cheer yourself than to create yourself a Quick Change Kaftan, featured on the July 1968 edition. 

As the magazine says (bottom right); Some girls still find it embarrassing when ill-equipped for the beach. Others make the Easy Quick Change Kaftan retaining feminine charm!
Well, as you can see, the woman on the left is just ooooozing feminine charm, 'where's the pattern??" I hear you cry. Here it is:

So easy and I particularly love that you should use Copydex to piece together your kaftan. I would really love for someone to give this a go, will try to get a friend and post the picture, however if anyone reading this is compelled to create the above look, feel free to post me a picture!


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