Friday, 27 July 2012


I love living by the sea in Kent but as a Londoner I need to head back in for my London-fix every so often. Last weekend we headed in to one of my favourite parts; Borough Market and Maltby Street. I used to visit Borough market when it wasn't at all trendy - it was just a fruit and veg market with a greasy spoon. My dad was a greengrocer when we lived in Brixton and sometimes I would get up early and head to market with him. It's a different place now, but I still like to go and see all the amazing stalls and produce there. Our ritual is to head to Monmouth for a coffee on the street and take a walk down to Clink Street and watch the boats on the river. We then head in to the market. I used to love the pie & mash shop that used to be under the railway bridge, it's such a shame this has gone now, it was the last remnant of the old market. But tastes have changed, there is more demand for chorizo in a roll and Boar burgers than stodgy pie and mash with lashings of green liquor. 

After Borough Market we head to Maltby Street's Ropewalk - which is similar but less busy as it's still in its infancy. We visited Sparrow Gin's joint for a cocktail and then had delicious sandwiches from the incredible stalls there. It's such a nice day just wandering and tasting. 

I could have stayed at Sparrow Gin's place all day - such a great spot. They take over a workshop in the arches every Saturday and sell cocktails so you have the most lovely gin-based cocktails in a workshop with pretty vintage items peppered around. It has a great atmosphere here and like I say the gin cocktails are pretty incredible - great to sit here and watch the World go by.

1. What WAS the Pie and Mash shop
2. Mushrooms
3. Tomatoes
4. Blowfish
5. Lobster and Salmon
6. Thai curries
7. Borough Market
8. The Cacoa Cafe, hence Dans' naughty face. The hot chocolate was so yum!
9. Maltby Street reclaimers
10. Beautiful edible flowers
11. Little Bird Gin joint
12. Sparrow Gin
13. Dan exploring the balcony
14. The menu
15. The Bloody Mary and the Early Bird (which had English Breakfast Tea and marnalade in - so delicious)
16. Monty's Deli
17. Happy boy
18. THE sandwich
19. Maltby Street Iberico ham sandwiches


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