Tuesday, 17 July 2012


So, Dan and I decided that we have not been taking good care of ourselves and neglecting our 5 a day and 2 litre of water a day routine. I just find it difficult with fruit and this will sound lazy but it's chomping my way through 5 bits of fruit or raw vegetable a day that gets tedious. Only on a rare occasion do I find myself craving an apple or a peach. Dan threw caution to wind and forked out for a Vitamix - wow, this thing is amazing. It turns beetroot into juice within seconds. It sounds like a race car and is so powerful. It is expensive but reassuringly so, everything about it screams well-made. 
We have had it for 3 months now and so far the novelty has not worn off which convinces me that this is a lifestyle change not a fad kitchen accessory. We've had a lot of fun concocting juices and smoothies - some have been winners, some have been dreadful. Our favourite so far is:

Watermelon, half a lime and a sprig of mint with crushed ice is my absolute fave. Watermelon is full of Vitamin E so it's great for your skin and hair. 
We average about 2 a day and we really have noticed a change in our health, skin is so much clearer and the whites of our eyes positively shine. The machine also makes soup, you just chuck your ingredients in and whiz, the speed at which it whizzes heats the mixture into steaming soup - how healthy can you get?? and how great if you have kids or a busy day??
Would love to hear from anyone who has a favourite juice or smoothie??


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