Saturday, 23 March 2013

So spring is supposed to be here, yet we still have minus temperatures and snow is falling. I just see this as more of a reason to bring spring in to the home. I have bought Primroses for the garden and they are currently stationed in the conservatory as I fear they may die if I put them out now. They cheer the room up. I have been busy making spring seed packs for friends, decorating the house for Easter and writing Easter cards.

I made the seed packs with yellow sweetie bags (I have hundreds of these, I use them as much as possible). Inside I packed some seeds I had from last year, some I collected from my garden and some I bought. I also added in some of these beautiful vintage flower seed pack labels, which I found on Ebay, wrapped in bakers twine and then stamped label. 

I get really fed up with seeing Easter eggs and all the ridiculous plastic packaging they come in. So for my nieces  I have made up cardboard baskets filled with mini chocolate eggs and chicks with hats - is there anything cuter then a chick in an Easter bonnet??

I also found a double duvet cover from a charity shop, vintage Laura Ashley with daffodils and geese on. I picked it up for £2 and made them in to two tote bags, one for a dear friend and one for me. So even though it is bitterly cold, I shall be wearing my spring tote bag and willing the spring to come. 

For those that have asked about Blogshop, my next post will be all about it. 


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